Turn on, Tune in


Who listens to the radio?

Who listens to the radio?

That's what I'd like to know

Who listens to the radio?


Who Listens to the Radio

The Sportz, 1978


Invisible soundless waves burst from a transmitter, zoom through space at the speed of light (approximately 300,000 km per second), vibrate the AM/FM aerial and zip into chunky tuners with their big, fat, silver knobs and glowing dials. Turn the tuner to the right frequency and the waves are miraculously converted into sound; commercials, the latest scores, top ten pop music, golden oldies, the local news in mandarin, the races or a shock jock scandal. Obsolete technology? No way! Radio persists, radio communicates and radio has an audience. Everyone listens.


Sue Dodd and Kim Donaldson, the artists-in-residence at Techno Park Studios, listen to the radio. For Turn On, Tune In, they have made experimental sound installations inspired by aspects of this technology. Dodd’s work, iCovers Au-Go-Go, projects graphic, audio visualisations of top ten songs onto large-scale sculptural tuners while Donaldson draws from the history of Techno Park Studios as a migrant hostel and SBS Radio, for her installation Babel Radio 3TPS.