Mind your Manors

Asked recently if she had a lifestyle Fiona Morgan was rather taken aback. Spoken of in this way it was something you should aspire to or could possess as a desirable, enviable commodity? What if you didnít have one? Starting with a design resembling the floor tiles of her childhood bathroom, Morgan has painted directly on the walls, as well as on pieces of ply, and fashioned her own furniture. The result, Mind your Manors, is a new lifestyle installation.

Fiona Morganís practice utilizes a reductive process to produce large-scale wall paintings and other works made of ply, paper and found objects. In 2010 she had her first solo exhibition at Blindside. Morgan recently graduated from the Painting Program at the VCA, The University of Melbourne, where she was a finalist for the prestigious Wallahra Travelling Scholarship and received the TCB Award for her work in the Graduate Exhibition.