Lucreccia Quintanilla


In All aboard the Echo Chamber, mess, the improvised and the pragmatic are the norm. Drawing from the ethos of ‘making do’ the gallery has been prepared for a party. Combining collage, painting a sound, as well as whatever else was on hand, Quintanilla has created a festive space. Here seemingly mournful fragments of past events combine and configure into a new celebratory reality. 

 All aboard the Echo Chamber is Lucreccia Quintanilla’s first solo exhibition. Recently graduating from the MVA program at the VCA, The University of Melbourne she received the National Gallery of Victoria Women’s Association Postgraduate Encouragement Award for her work. She is part of the Roda Roda Sound System, collaborating with Jason Heller, Lichen Kemp and Dylan Martorell. In 2010, they were awarded an Arts Victoria International Cultural Exchange Grant and an Australia Indonesia Institute Cultural Grant to take part in the Bicycle Parade, Yogjakarta.Quintanilla has also worked as a DJ, both nationally and internationally for the last 7 years, as well as writing on music.