Technopia Tours - Berlin

In January 2012 an unknown emissary from Australia arrived at ‘STUDIOvisits’ in Berlin for a friendly visitation. This reconnaissance mission introduced the travel company 'Technopia Tours' through a dinner. Encouraged by the response, two more foreigners have now arrived nine months later. For this occasion, a ‘Technopia Tour’ for Berlin will take place. Your travel guides are now moving into ‘STUDIOvisits’ and taking over to create a virtual location for exploration. This full-scale studio invasion and colonization, with durational performance, happens on Saturday 20/10/2012 at 8pm.  


‘Technopia Tours – Berlin’ is Sue Dodd and Kim Donaldson, a mobile collaborative performance entity, who come from a spatially distant continent where cultural difference has been lost through global capitalism. Utilising this homogeneity, they seek to guide travelers through experiences in strange, yet familiar new lands, as well as sharing the wonders of their geographically isolated home world.