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A car with a full tank of fuel has been found. It is a time, not far from now, when the oil refinery

flame has gone out and all petrol production has ceased. Gangs control the area, the supermarkets are

looted and empty and an incredible quiet replaces the familiar sounds of the city. The inhabitants of

Techno Park Studios plan their future.


The ruins of the gallery are a film set and the surrounding industrial and wetland areas the site for

location footage and sound recording. Fragmented scenes created by multiple participants will tell



This is a call out to anyone interested in being a part of this project. We need footage and

sound from your phone or your camera. As well as, for those that like to dress up, we need

your acting skill as you play a gang member. We also need anyone who would like to help out

with constructing sets or to be here to experience the event.



NOVEMBER 5 - Filming of Gangs / Construction of the set in gallery - 1 – 5 pm

NOVEMBER 6 - Filming in the gallery / Construction in the yard - 1 – 5 pm

NOVEMBER 12 - Filming in the yard/Filming the FINALE as the car drives off - 4 – 8 pm

NOVEMBER 13 - Location filming and sound recording of nature and industry - 1 – 5 pm 





The scene prior to the time in which the movie is set

Anxiety has increased. A crisis is impending. Financial instability has generated civil unrest as a sense of entitlement has emerged. Law and order is challenged, as riots break out all around the world. The production and consumption of commodities such as luxury cars, electronic equipment and white goods remains unchecked. The desire for the latest, fastest and most pleasurable escalates. People have grown fat, lazy and selfish. Improvisation skills are non-existent.

 A singular, sudden event changes everything.

Petroleum production ceases.

At first there is not much difference. Then the shortages start to emerge.

The world gets quieter and quieter as all petrol engines stop. Travel is limited to foot or bicycle. Desperation and hunger have encouraged widespread looting and even cases of cannibalism. The weather in Melbourne is very changeable and makes living outdoors difficult. The power balance shifts. The fittest and most adaptable take control.

The setting for the movie is Melbourne’s industrial west, three years after the flame has gone out

Everything has become very local. No one travels very far. Food for eating is limited by seasonal availability and agility at hunting. A barter based exchange system has emerged. Law and order has broken down as gangs control all public places, animal farming, vegetable and fruit production.

Most of the population wanders the countryside homeless and hungry, foraging for food. They are either in gangs or evading them. The standard diet has become domestic animals (pets), rabbits, birds, rodents, reptiles and edible greens. The world has become lawless and cruel. Only the fittest have survived. All social structures have disappeared. Corrupt governments and irresponsible dumping of contaminated waste, prior to the flame going out, means that the environment has, in many places, become a polluted wasteland. Many animal and plant species are now extinct.

Near one of the decommissioned oil refineries is Techno Park Studios, a project space for experimental art. In the past it was a place where people made artwork, tried out their new ideas and met with friends and fellow artists to celebrate and discuss their achievements.  Open until around 2015, the building is now derelict. The remnants of the last exhibition remain in the project space. A car bearing the signage ‘Technopia Tours’ is in the yard. Beside it is a now deteriorating construction made by an artist from Berlin.