This One is for You




Artists Jane Trengove and Susan Long collaborate to produce This One is For You an

installation comprising moving image, performance, found objects and consumables.

Works address the language of aspiration in a culture of self-preservation, consumerism

and debt. What results is a display of something close to wistful, wishful thinking and

occasional ignoble desires.


Jane Trengove’s visual art practice extends from painting to installation, collaboration and

the coordination/curation of visual arts projects. Jane recently exhibited Under Study, in

September 2011, at Sutton Gallery as part of an ongoing project, the Painting Element

series. Susan Long has a background in film and photography and is currently working in

the Pictures Collection at the State Library of Victoria. In 2011 she completed Revisit, a

State Library Staff Fellowship, and her article Questions Arise was recently published in

the La Trobe Journal, No 87, 2011.