Objectives combines the works of Max Creasy, Kim Donaldson, Katherine Huang,

Kez Hughes, John R Neeson and Geoff Newton to create a matrix of intentions and

possibilities, the objective of the project as a whole. All of these artists make

representations of ‘things’ in order to achieve their respective goals. Fitting easily into

the genre of ‘Still Life’ they also extend the parameters of the classification in ways

that are distinctive to their time.


Kez Hughes paints an image of an inflated balloon that Katherine Huang has

fabricated from glass, setting up a dialogue between notions of the real, the copy, the

representation and the material. Max Creasy makes photographs of three-dimensional

replicas (in plaster and paint) of otherwise relatively mundane objects. Kim

Donaldson’s subject matter is often hard to decipher. Their nomenclature is

temporarily deflected by their image and the moment of recognition central to their

function. Geoff Newton replicates the format and masthead of well-known visual art

publications. However he replaces each issue’s cover image with one sourced from

culinary publications to generate ideas of ‘consumption’, ‘promotion’ and

‘commodity’. For John R Neeson mirrors, mirror images and reflections become the

modus operandi. Here the image and the colours are reversed obscuring the identity of

original and copy.