Nature is an enigmatic object, an object that is not absolutely an object; it is not absolutely in

front of us. It is our ground, ... it bears us. We are 'earthlings'.* Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Exploring representations of loss, with a particular focus on climate change, environmental

degradation and biodiversity, the work of Marian Crawford echoes our mediated experience

of wilderness and nature. In her exhibition ‘Earthlings’ she uses only images of jellyfish from

the Melbourne Aquarium to create an intaglio landscape of strangeness. As simulacra of these

fragile non-human creatures, whose reality is separated from us by a giant pane of glass, her

images line the walls and hover weightlessly reflecting our remoteness from the natural



Marian Crawford works with printmedia and has exhibited her work nationally since 1996.

Her work was recently seen in Lessons in History Vol. II – Democracy, at the Grahame

Galleries and Editions in Brisbane and in Contemporary Australian Drawing 2: Drawing as

notation, text and discovery at the University of the Arts, London. In 2011 she was the

convener of the IMPACT7 International Interdisciplinary Printmedia Conference held at

Monash University where she is the Coordinator of the Printmedia & Artists’ Books Studios

in the Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Art & Design. During the conference she also

participated in the group exhibition Carbon Copy. 


* In Paul Virilio, ‘Art as Far As The Eye Can See’, Berg, Oxford and New York, 2007. P 17-18