I dialled her number and a message which I heard several times before I reached her warmed

me for this interview: ‘Apparently Emmett Till was, uh, physically challenged and could not

possibly have said what he said to whoever he said it to and therefore died for no reason. For

the same reason Clarence Thomas might be appointed to the Supreme Court. We won’t dwell

on that. Leave me your coordinates. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, given the

desperateness of our situation. Thank you.’

Eileen Myles on Ntozake Shange


A group of soldiers are in a plane, about to go skydiving into the jungle. It’s revealed that

their mission is more or less a suicide mission. An instructor is there to tell them how to

skydive and operate a machine gun at the same time, but forgets to tell the first three people

about the parachute. The last person approaches the door and asks him how to save himself

from dying. The instructor says “Press release”.

George Egerton-Warburton, Nathan Barnett and Robbie Dixon have joined forces to create

‘Kinder Critique’. Egerton-Warburton has most recently shown at Sutton Project space, and is

a current studio artist at Gertrude Contemporary. Nathan Barnett graduated from Monash

University with a BA (Fine Art) with First Class Honours in 2011 and his work has recently

been seen at Seventh Gallery, OK Gallery, WA, Light Projects and First Site Gallery,

Melbourne. Robbie Dixon graduated from RMIT University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Fine

Art in Sculpture and his work has recently been seen in Melbourne at Seventh Gallery.