Technopia Tours - Zbludza


‘Technopia Tours’ takes the form of a tour company and models itself on the idea of the travelling sideshow to create a vehicle for performative forms and collaborations. Here the ‘wonders’ and ‘spectacles’ of the antipodean world coalesce to create a new imaginative space. With each shift in location a new construction emerges where fact and fiction, now and the future merge and are contingent on contextual detachment. Through sound, video, performance, built environments and elements incorporating painting and drawing this mobile platform takes its passengers on adventures into strange new lands.

‘Technopia Tours - Zbludza’ is a collaboration between Malgorzata Sidor, artist and organiser of ‘fabs’ and Kim Donaldson, curator and visual artist from Melbourne, Australia, for ‘We are here’.  The artists associated with ‘fabs’ are meeting in Zbludza, Poland, on 22 September 2012 . ‘Technopia Tours - Zbludza’ will present a dinner in an immersive environment that begins at 7pm.